Dartmouth College Class Treasurers Association

 Welcome to the Class Treasurers website! Please bookmark this page for easy reference.

Recent Updates:

              Tax deadline is November 15!  View the 2017 Tax Webinar here

             Class Officers Weekend 2017 Treasurers Association Meeting

             New Treasurer?  Start here (PowerPoint, September 2017)

             Updated step-by-step instructions for creating a PayPal account for your class dues

                    Setting up a PayPal account (PowerPoint, March 2017)

              Updated step-by-step instructions for loading dues payments information from PayPal into QuickBase     

                    Importing PayPal payments into QuickBase (PowerPoint, January 2017)

Upcoming Events / Deadlines:

  • June 2017: Recommended E-mail Dues Solicitation

  • June 30: Fiscal Year 2017 Ends

  • July 9: Final FY17 Payments Entered in Quickbase

  • July 21: 1st Dues Mailing Deadline

  • July 31: Class Activity Report (CAR) Due

  • August 31: Annual Financial Report Due

  • September 15-16 : Class Officers Weekend (COW)

  • October 4: Tax Webinar

  • October 20: 2nd Dues Mailing Deadline

  • November 15: Tax Filing Deadline

  • January 26: 3rd Dues Mailing Deadline

  • May to June 2018: Recommend E-Mail Dues Solicitation

  • June 30: Fiscal Year 2018 Ends